The Golden Gallery

I am not what I seem…
look past my surface and
you might see…

The Golden Gallery is more than an art exhibit.
It’s story is told through exploration, luring visitors in to question:
What lies beneath the surface?

This year we plan to bring an interactive art exhibit to Golden Guy Alley, self-described as an “unlikely scene… an alleyway straight out of Tokyo that’s full of tiny bars, each able to serve just a few patrons, each with its own unique theme.” Each tiny bar gets to do whatever they want with a 12’x8′ space. Rather than setup any ol’ bar, we want to bring an extra layer of interactivity to the alley; thus the Golden Gallery was born.

Most of the frames in the gallery will have some level of interactivity built-in, revealing more art / experiences beneath the frame. In order to pull something like this off, we’ll ask artists from the Burning Man community to contribute work to the exhibit. Thousands of visitors nightly will pass by; perhaps you’re one of the artists who will stop them in their tracks, begging them to look deeper…


Apply before the June 10th, 2019 deadline!


Help us reach our $3,000 goal